Ohio State vs. Indiana, 1977

Chris Ward‘s (No. 79, as if you weren’t about to figure it out) shoulder pads were basically a 12th man on a field. I mean, I know they were bigger back then. More prominently perched. Bulkier. But look at that — that’s just insane. The two-time All-American tackle was the fourth pick in the first-round…


Navy vs. Ole Miss, 1955 Sugar Bowl

The Nashville Tennessean just went for it: NAVY HUMILIATES REBELS, 21-0. The Midshipmen went for it on their first fourth down, which just happened to the game’s fourth play from scrimmage. They made it. It set the tone. Ole Miss passed midfield just once before the fourth quarter and earned the rare-ish distinction of losing…


Illinois vs. Minnesota, 1947

Another great Lon Keller cover. Digging that photo mixed media stuff. Or is that gridiron vignette actually part of the illustration Keller turned in and he’s simply that good? Illinois quarterback Perry Moss was 100 percent on the day, two of his seven perfect passes going for touchdowns in the Illini’s 40-13 route of beefy Minnesota. It…


Nebraska vs. Kansas, 1975

What is that thing? Herbie Husker? Doesn’t look like any of the Herbie Husker Google knows anything about, even the 70s versions. I mean he’s tall and has a cowboy hat and stuff. But that dang massive kiddie punching bag corn prop isn’t popping up anywhere. Was that a thing, Nebraska fans? Oh well, at…


Pitt vs. West Virginia, 1988

On the magnificent cover: Mark Stepnoski, which is the most 1988 All-American lineman name I can imagine. Maybe if he’d been a defensive lineman he could have stopped West Virginia quarterback–and former Pittsburgh (as in the city) high school player of the year–Major Harris from rolling over the Panthers, 31-10.


Notre Dame vs. Alabama, 1975 Orange Bowl

Bear Bryant had gone seven straight years without a bowl win. A swan songin’ Ara Parseghian make it eight. Roll, Bama, Roll has all you need to know about it. (Except the part about Elvis joining the Tide cheerleaders for a day. That’s him down there at the bottom, right?) Here are some highlights called…


Houston vs. Baylor, 1977

It may have been a brass whoopin’ on Band Night. But none of the other kind of cans were opened in the Southwest Conference nail-biter. “It’s a shame when both teams show so much intestinal fortitude that someone has to lose,” Cougars coach Bill Yeoman, whose name I so hope inspired a million Yeoman’s Work…


Oklahoma vs. Missouri, 1968

Oklahoma threw tailback and future Heisman winner Steve Owens into the Missouri line 46 freakin’ times. It worked. The Sooner’s downed the 6th-ranked Tigers 28-14 in front of their close-enough-to-call-it-capacity homecoming crowd  (60,500). Owens finished with 177 yards, breaking Oklahoma’s single-season rushing record in the process. It was also an OU-MU rivalry rushing record. Oh,…