Houston vs. Baylor, 1977

It may have been a brass whoopin’ on Band Night. But none of the other kind of cans were opened in the Southwest Conference nail-biter. “It’s a shame when both teams show so much intestinal fortitude that someone has to lose,” Cougars coach Bill Yeoman, whose name I so hope inspired a million Yeoman’s Work…


Oklahoma vs. Missouri, 1968

Oklahoma threw tailback and future Heisman winner Steve Owens into the Missouri line 46 freakin’ times. It worked. The Sooner’s downed the 6th-ranked Tigers 28-14 in front of their close-enough-to-call-it-capacity homecoming crowd  (60,500). Owens finished with 177 yards, breaking Oklahoma’s single-season rushing record in the process. It was also an OU-MU rivalry rushing record. Oh,…


TCU vs. Baylor, 1960

TCU 14, Baylor 6. Great Wexler cover with jumping quarterback, featuring Baylor’s Ronny Bull and TCU’s Bob Lilly.


Illinois vs. Iowa, 1981

The 80s apparently belonged to Illinois, even down to the back cover of their gameday programs, which for the 1981 Iowa game featured an ad for some television hijacking computer board game hybrid thing called The Quest For The Rings for a Magnavox-made video game console called the Odyssey 2. Colecovision, Tandyvision… I thought I’d…


Duke vs. SMU, 1956

The Blue Devils beat the Mustangs 14-6 in Durham on Oct. 13, 1956. The program has another great Murray Olderman comic, this one of Duke receiver Buddy Bass. And the obligatory Lucky Strikes ad isn’t just of a dude with a helmet or of a cheerleader’s megaphone turned into a nicotine cornucopia, but actually has…