Iowa vs. Wisconsin, 1975

It was a Dad’s Day, it was Iowa’s day. The Hawkeyes took the Heartland Trophy back from the Badgers on Nov. 8, 1975 to the tune of 45-28.

It’s an odd photo for the cover, we’re not going to lie—you want to look at the girl cheerleader, as disheveled as she is, but that guy won’t stop staring at you. And he’s kind of goofy. The back cover is pretty standard: A Zenith Chomacolor II ad. Inside we have maybe one of the first microwave ads we’ve ever seen (for the Amana Touchmatic Radarange), plus Bruce Davis’ afro.

Oh, also odd: Displaying the opponent’s name so prominently that it actually looks like it’s their home game, their program. But that’s just the way the Hawkeyes rolled that year.



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