Navy vs. Notre Dame, 1954

The cover features a sailor serenading a leprechaun with a sea shanty or something, which the leprechaun looks like he’s enjoying… appropriately as it’d turn out: The Irish shutout Navy 6-0 at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

There’s a Naval Aviators ad on the back cover and a Lucky Strike roster centerfold, our first on the site. It won’t be the last. They’re toasted.

Navy vs. Notre Dame 1954 lucky strike 1954convair navy aviators

Here’s a colorful UPI blurb on the abusive pep talk injured Navy running back Phil Monahan gave the team at halftime (bet he was cussing like a sailor): “For almost ten minutes he ripped into his teammates like a sea-toughened destroyer captain bawling out his crew.”

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 11.24.44 PM

And here’s a ticket stub: