Notre Dame vs. Purdue, 1978

Sept. 30, 1978 at Notre Dame Stadium. The Irish pulled it out 10-6, their fourth in a row over the Boilermakers.

Joe Montana’s on the cover. The two-page 7Up ad inside is kind of odd—the whole “un” prefix as a slogan would seem to only work if you’re trying to sell what follows as something negative, e.g. plain old boring cola. “UNdo it again” reads as if they don’t want Notre Dame to repeat as national champs or something. Might make sense if it were a Purdue program—”UNdo it, Boilermakers!”

Great ad for a Magnavox Touchtune TV with COMPUTER COLOR 3300 on the back cover. Was this the first TV to display channel numbers digitally? Think my grandparents had one like this. Don’t remember the clock, though. Tres futuristic.

Notre Dame vs. Purdue 1978 1Notre Dame vs. Purdue 1978 1 7-up AdNotre Dame Purdue Magnavox color computer tv ad 1978

You can see an autographed copy here.

Here’s the AP game writeup:

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