Cal vs. Stanford, 1946

Kinda love the cover. Such a fun-loving looking bear. They look like they’d be friends. This was the first Big Game since 1942. Chesterfield took the opportunity to teach fans the ABC’s of cigarettes. The Indians took the opportunity to teach their Bear friends about football, 25-6. You can find some more inside page scans…

LSU vs. TCU, 1978

Oct. 26, 1968, back when pharmacists were ethical. LSU beat TCU 10-7 for Homecoming. And hey, look who it is: Pistol Pete Maravich, in a preview of LSU’s basketball season.

Clemson vs. Florida State, 1975

The Clemson Tigers suffered an abysmal, 43-7  IPTAY Day loss to FSU on Nov. 1, 1975, the 7th loss of an likewise abysmal season (2-9). And for every child who made the mistake of having Dad spring for a program that day, it was the loss of innocence. Evil was in the world. The cover…

San Diego State University vs. UTEP, 1979

It was an Aztec Azzkicking for UTEP in Jack Murphy Stadium on Nov. 17, 1979. San Diego St. won 42-20. But with a cheerleader cover, everybody wins. You can buy it here.

Tennessee vs. Auburn, 1985

You see it in posters, media guides, etc. But rarely does a program feature a photo that so literally adheres to a theme. Or, you know, feature a theme at all. And this one is so fly — Tony Robinson handing a football to beautiful Tennessee cheerleader in the cockpit of some sort of military…

Illinois vs. Stanford, 1952 Rose Bowl

The Fighting Illini crushed Stanford on New Year’s Day 1952.  Keep scrolling for a classic College Kids Love Chesterfields cigarette centerfold and some great videos of the game (the second has Illinois players reminiscing about the victory). You can read the AP writeup, and see some photos from the game, here.