USC vs. Notre Dame, 1974

“The Comeback”… arguably the greatest game in USC history, Nov. 30, 1974.

The Trojans were down 24-0 heading into halftime. Or they would have been had Pat Haden not hit Anthony Davis for a 7-yard TD.  The route was on.

Davis returned the opening kick of the second half for a 102-yard touchdown. Haden finished the third quarter with two more touchdown passes, the second coming on a bomb to Johnny “Coach’s Son” McKay with just two seconds left.  Thirty-five points in the third quarter, 55 points in just 17 minutes. The Trojans ended up whipping the Irish 55-24. Wild stuff, wild enough for a foldout cover of Sports Illustrated the next week featuring two beautiful, if heartbroken, Notre Dame cheerleaders.

USC went on to beat Ohio State 18-17 in the Rose Bowl and despite a season-opening loss to Arkansas and a mid-season tie with Cal were named UPI National Champs.

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Here are a couple of videos:

The Des Moines Sunday Register Peach, in a real peach of a headline, called it “Worst Irish Defeat in 30 years.”